Sorry No Error Report but Wappler just emptied my layout page

Wappler 4.1.2 on WIndows 10

What Happened?

  • Wappler’s node server suddenly not responding
  • Tried to stop and restart node server using [stop local server] button, nothing happened, just spinning icon
  • End Task Wappler instances using Task Manager
  • Reopen Wappler
  • The main (layout) page that was previously open before the closure was emptied, no code anymore

I don’t know how to report it because I didn’t start Wappler with logging and not sure how to recreate the problem or is it even a good idea but I’ve lost a page by that incident.

When Wappler is killed unexpectedly, it won’t have time to save the temporally page, so an empty state might occur. Just don’t save it but close and reopen the file and you will have the last saved state.

I didn’t save it, I even went to the folder directly and opened the file using notepad to check it first - it was indeed emptied.