Somebody implemented Swagger?

Did someone already implement to provide customers your own API Access to your project?

I’ve used Strapi and Directus with Wappler before.

George mentioned using Server Connect here and I also mentioned a few other alternatives.

okay now I understand, of course it makes sense, as it is already there from wappler. I just thought about API Key, read/write demo examples and permission when thinking about swagger API. So as I just flew over the directus it is acting like a proxy in some way and places itself between your app and db. I‘m wondering: Hows your experience with directus vs strapis?

If you need a public API with basic authentication just use built in Server Connect API for simplicity.

If you need something a little more advanced then use one of the others listed. Strapi and Directus are both good in their own ways, both lightweight, easy to use and currently maintained. It also gives you a CMS too. If this isn’t needed, you should look more at something like Rest-hapi

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