Some suggestions to improve the visual designing side of Wappler

Hi Wappler team! I started my first project for a client and so far I am very impressed by how fast and easy it is to work with compared to the designing tools I used before (especially FlexiLayout for DW).

As I mentioned in a earlier post, a lot have been done to improve the APPI/DATA part but the visual part still need some improvement too specially if you want to attract new costumers that are visual designers like me.

And for me as a visual designer there are some features I do miss a lot and are found on many or most visual designing tool, for example;

  • A template system
  • Parallax FX (Make a region parallax)
  • Animated buttons (CSS fx when mouse over)
  • A way to add my own bootstrap color set
  • A color picker so I can color/match some elements with specific color from Logo or else.

There are other features that I would suggest but I listed the one that I actually find more important.

I strongly believe Wappler of a great future and could be a game changer.



Take a look at feature request. I guess maybe better to vote and add missing features. Template feature is already for voting there, so we dont mix up things here. Please use the search to check what is already posted. In general design and bootstrap customisation changes are a big demand.

Feature Request / Variable Roadmap 2019+ :laughing:

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Thank you for the reply Freddy :slight_smile:

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