[SOLVED] Dynamic data in emulator

Sandboxing the wappler mobile app stuff today, using the kitchen sink template. I have everything working in wappler, and deployed the app up to iOS app store for use in Testflight. The app works on my iPhone, with all the pre-loaded template data.

I then went on to connect this mobile app project to an existing web project to retrieve a list of U.S. states. There are no security restrictions on this server connect item.

I can see the dynamic data in the wappler editor when I toggle on app connect mode, however I cannot see this data in the emulator for iOS.

You can see “California” in the first screenshot which is dynamic data, but the second screenshot from the emulator, does not show it. I have performed a build (changing some static text to make sure it changed,) but no dynamic data.

How do I go about troubleshooting this?



This isn’t a wappler issue…I created a new page and the dynamic data shows up fine. I have much to learn about Framework 7 templates, etc.!!!

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