Sockets features available in PHP

@Teodor, I wasn’t expecting this to work with PHP but all the features are there in Wappler and the dmxSockets.js file is created if I add the attribute so can you confirm if this will work? Or is it just nodeJS?

Unfortunately this isn’t available for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET it’s only available for NodeJS.

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That’s what I thought. Could the features be unavailable or give a message if the server model isn’t nodeJS? And also George’s announcement today implies it’s for all server models.

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Which part is available in PHP - the client side or the server side steps?

Hi @Teodor i can confirm it is available in php, client and server side.

@George seems we forgot to “hide” these options :slight_smile: will be improved next time.


Yep, all the features are available and give the impression they will work but obviously won’t.

Sockets are still there on PHP projects in v3.7.0.

Actually we can not really limit the live refresh option, because you can choose also server connect to come from a different wappler project that do supports nodejs.

This is specially done with mobile projects.

So we can’t restrict it.

It is also very hidden under dynamic attributes for server connect so… just don’t add it if you don’t want it :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s certainly not a big deal now I’ve got over the false excitement of seeing it there when you first released it :wink:

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