SOAP Support

I have a real need (and I have a feeling I’m not the only one) for Wappler to support SOAP. I know SOAP is old, but there are a number of sites that just use SOAP and are not going to change to JSON. Unfortunately my customer uses such a site. I’m try to re-write the local application using Wappler. Don’t beat me up with all the reasons they should be using JSON. It doesn’t help me at all.

Others have asked about this. It would certainly be useful for me. I’m sure you’re right - there are sites which won’t switch to JSON for years.
(You can vote for your own request)

Where are all the other people that have complained about no SOAP API support? I would have thought they would have voted for this feature.

Hi im in the same boat guys, my goverment is using SOAP as an API for federal collection agency and i have to implement this someway with my wappler app. I hope for a miracle.