Smooth Scroll speed and easing configuration

I have the following problem
I have a page.php which includes a top menu.php
Each item of the included menu corresponds to a link to a Smooth Scroll instruction on the page.
Each Smooth Scroll anchor at the top of the relevant section
Everything works, but I would like to use the Smooth Scroll properties.
Unfortunately, however, I try to vary Speed and Easing and I don’t get any results. The scroll is always the same with any setting
Maybe someone knows why?

Can you explain what exactly do you change and is not working, aso post a link to your page maybe?

I change the smooth scroll easing option
but the scroll is always the same
I have tried all the options

Please provide a link showing the issue.

The page is not yet online

Well we can’t really help unless we see your page.

Hello Teodor
I have created a new test page with 4 different smooth scroll
It seems to me that despite having different settings, the result is always the same.
I used a completely empty domain and set up the project with Wappler 4.00 and Bootstrap 5

You can’t add 4 different smooth scrolls like that as your link doesn’t know which one to use … add just one!

First problem
First of all, the page includes a menu (top fixed)
I have some difficulty in correctly positioning the title of the various anchors.
In fact, I would like each menu item to have a correct positioning of the relative title
Among other things, if I click on HOME and then on SCROLL1 it does not position the title correctly

Second problem
The INDEX.php page has the LINEAR transition
The INDEX2.php page has the EASE OUT QUAD transition
But I don’t see any difference

There’s something totally wrong on your pages.
Your index2.php points to index.php:

<a class="nav-item nav-link" href="index.php#scroll1_demo">Scroll 1</a>

i really don’t understand what can you setup wrongly with a simple to use component like that.
All you need is a link on the same page, having a href of #someid and not index.php#someid

sorry but locally I had fixed the links, but obviously I had not saved them well on the remote Now the links are correct

Ok I changed the links by deleting index.php
I mistakenly thought it was necessary since the menu is an included file