Slow Video Upload

Hello everyone,

I have a nightmare with a slow video upload. I have server action for the video to upload if the post exist.
But the video upload is taking too much time to upload in the system.
I used the same upload set up with images. Images upload are fine no matter the number.

Is there any recommendation here.

Thank youCapture

A slow upload likely wouldn’t be because of Wappler, but instead your connection to the server and vice versa.

How big is the video you are trying to upload?

I already tried multiple size up to 150MB. It’s slow.

In that case, you should first try uploading the video to your server directly via FTP. If you’re seeing long uploads there, then it’s safe to say it’s between yourself and the server. If it doesn’t occur via FTP, it could be something to do with your browser.

Do you see normal upload times when uploading the video via FTP?

Okay. I will try it and let you know.
Do you have any recommendation if it is the server problem.

That’ll depend on your server setup and how familiar you are with networking.

If you’re using shared web hosting (Something like cPanel), it’s probably best to get in touch with your host directly as they’ll be able to run tests on their end. It could be as simple as you being too far away and/or having a slow connection.

If you have a VPS, you’ll probably want to perform some traceroutes to see if there are any hops that you have particularly large latency to.

You should also perform a simple speed test to see what your internet connection is like.

I am using a share web hosting. Thank for the input

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This may help you

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Shared hosting or even VPS… is not made for video steaming… so many things… bandwidth… quality… codex… traffic… its just not the way for video…

  1. Load it to youtube… and embed the shortcode into your site (with server api or actions or whatever…) … iframe… or whatever you want to use… yes it will have ads… and bla bla …

  2. If you dont want ads … go with the vimeo option… only 7USD a month… and you can make the video private if its NOT for everybody… you can even specify the domain where its allowed to play…