Slow Perfomance

Hi Team,
Recently the application has been moving extremely slow. I have looked at some of the processes and I have noticed one in particular process that is eating up resources. I have uploaded a screenshot of the process. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

What happens when you restart Wappler?


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Unfortunately that didn’t work. I restarted the entire system as well.

Do note that Wappler runs like the Chrome web browser. It opens a new process for every page you open to edit.

This also means that if you page is just too complex and cpu consuming you will see that reflected in Wappler as well.

So try to close the pages you edit and see which page is giving you high cpu.

If it is just a complex page running actions or slideshows all the time than it is perfectly fine that it uses more cpu.

Yes, very noticable with background video, don’t let them run while editing or things can get very sluggish as the video sucks cycles from your cpu

I closed all pages and still high CPU. However I did a work around I used cpulimit and ran a command to limit nwjs helper to 60% of CPU. So far it is working.