Slideshow with thumbnails

I don’t know if it would be possible to use the slideshow extension with thumbnails for navigation - ie a thumbnail slider. If not, it would be a useful extension to add at some point. It would be good if it could be incorporated with the lightbox extension too.

I’ve never used CSS Image Gallery 2, but this has the functionality I have in mind.

I’ve just had a look at the DMXZone support page for the Slideshow extension and noticed it was mentioned that there were plans to incorporate themes with thumbnails soon (this was about a year ago). Are there still plans for this?

I’ve done a little experimenting with CSS Image Gallery 2. I copied the code from one of the DW extension demos, and put it into Wappler. After updating to Bootstrap 4 and a little fiddling around, it seems to work fine. Unfortunately Wappler doens’t recognise any of the elements and not surprisingly any dynamic functionality would have to be done manually.

I would have thought thumbnail navigation support would be an attractive feature to include in Wappler, given a large proportion of eCommerce sites use it.

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Still no Lightbox with Thumbnails included?

I suppose with no votes, it’s not going to be high on the priority list. It’s strange that it’s not a popular idea, given that a large proportion of ecommerce sites use this feature. It is possible to create something similar with the swiper and slideshow components, but it’s not very satisfactory.

I’ve just voted for this now (I didn’t realise you could vote for your own request when I posted this).

Is there a way to implement other 3th party Lightbox-Slideshow-Moduls with Thumbnails implemented?
I thought Wappler has no limits :wink:

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I’m sure it is possible to implement a 3rd party module, but obviously it’s not as convenient as if the feature were integrated.

Obviously Wappler would never be able to incorporate every feature that anyone might want - or every possible implementation of such features. However given it’s not a ‘black box’ and doesn’t generate prorietary code, theoretically there are no limits.

Having said that, I hope the feature you’re asking about will be incorporated before long; whether or not the request has many votes, I have no doubt it would be a popular feature - for current and potential users of Wappler.