Slideshow continuing slides (see carousel request!)

Right now the slide show flips through all the slide back to number 1 when it reaches the end. Not so nice.
I suggest a continuing slideshow.

I vote for.
Also the transitions between the slides are not that smooth. Especially the zoom effect.

I am very confused by what you are trying to say.

Once the slideshow gets to the end, it goes back to number 1 and then through all the slides again and again in a loop. Does yours go back to slide 1 and just stop looping?

Like @psweb, I havent’t noticed anything that I wouldn’t expect. Does it make any difference if you choose ‘Start Random’?

(I haven’t used the slideshow much and am not clear what some of the options do. Does anyone know what the ‘thumb’ option is for? It would be great if the navigation could be with thumbnails but this doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps I should start a new topic.)

My understanding of what @oscreative is trying to say is…
The slide show, when it plays, cycles through the slides correctly, so 1,2,3,4,5 and then to get to number 1 again it reverses through all the images to show number one again rather than simply moving on to number 1. A bit like an old typewriter, you type several words and then to get back to the beginning of a line you have to move the carriage all the way back. Or, put it another way, you read a newspaper (physical, not online :grin:) and so you read page 1, then 2, then 3 all the way to the end, but to get back to page one you go backwards through the newspaper (page 36, page 35, page 34 etc) instead of simply turning the newspaper over to show page 1.

So he is asking for the slide show to smoothly go 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,etc

I must be bored! Time for a coffee me thinks :coffee:


@psweb @UKRiggers is explaining it very clear :slight_smile: That is exactly what I meant.
And I noticed another thing: setting a height on the slider, lower than the slide image heights, cuts the image off from the bottom. It would be nice to have the slide images ‘vertical aligned center’, so the cut off is from top and bottom.

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This depends on the effect selected.
If you use fade effect for example you won’t notice that it goes “back” to the first slide. The functionality you request is a “carousel”-like slider.
If there are enough requests we can create a carousel extension which will do exactly as you suggest.


NiceTeodor, I’ll make a request.

For everyone who is interested: please vote: Carousel extension