Skypack - JS packages preoptimized for browser use

Stubmled across Skypack today and thought it could be useful for others that need javascript files and don’t want to use a bundler.

What is Skypack?

Ever tried to load JavaScript from a CDN and realized that it doesn’t work in a browser without a bundler? Skypack operates like your favorite CDN but with an important difference: packages are preoptimized for browser use.

But Skypack doesn’t stop there: it handles minification, browser polyfilling, gzip/brotli, HTTP/3, caching, and more!

Skypack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes, forever. The basic CDN is production-ready and is backed by Cloudflare, Google Cloud, and AWS. We’re fully committed to building a core piece of infrastructure you can rely on.


That looks very handy, I’m going to give it a try - thanks for posting…!

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