siteSecurity.json is 'uncommitted change' but there's nothing changed

Been getting this more often, and not only with this file.

But this file has been the culprit the last few weeks.

I just launched wappler (after a PC restart) and I see there’s an uncommitted change. However when I compare changes it doesn’t actually show any difference.

Any idea what’s going on here?

Invisible things like whitespaces, line endings and such (on Windows it is CR/LF on Mac just LR) - count also as change.

So just commit what it is suggested.

Ah I see!

I believe I committed but it keeps coming back.
I’ll pay more attention now. I have committed it today so let’s see if it comes back :slight_smile:

It will keep coming back. Have been living with it since day 1.
Use terminal or some other Git tool to discard the files (Wappler can’t do that).
Or you can commit them.
Or just ignore them, like I do.

The CR/LF thing is weird. So there is not much that can be done here - at least from what I know.

Hmm will just ignore as well then