Sitemap builder, user flows, personas tools

I’d love to have something like this as part of Wappler:

Create a project on a visual sitemap with direct connection to build basic pages, having a UserFlow to design/define logic for processes. Also some kind of sharepoint for clients and project management functionalities would be great to have too

Just an idea, what do you Wapplers think about this feature request?

I am having a hard time visualizing that as I find it a bit out of scope. But maybe I’m not understanding the FR.

Do you mean to implement the same features that flowmapp has or to mimic some of their UI components to improve Wappler’s own UI?

It needn’t be the same features, but I like the idea of having a visual sitemap for a project prototyping. It helps to organize and explain to clients. And why not bind it this to page building and some project management functionalities?

Wappler has already separated server side and client sided code. So the sitemap could be bound to client sides functionalities and the user flow to the server sided code.

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That would make Wappler highly opinionated on how to build things. You would lose huge amounts of flexibility in the dynamic web app department, don’t you think?

For me it would make more sense for predominant static sites where a connector arrow between a button and another page would translate to a browser.goto action.

I am trying my very best to view the benefits of this…but I just can’t. Or at least not for my typical project. Maybe it’s just me who wouldn’t take advantage of this.

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A Figma integration on the other side…that could be interesting. To be able to import figma files into wappler. Bubble is about to release that.

Wappler could even build the figma kit so it’s easier for them to manage the connector.

I think Figma also has user flows. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they extend their platform and add UX features like you are mentioning.

That way you could outsource the design of the app to a UI/UX expert via Figma collaborators, connect to Wappler and work on backend logic.


Thats sounds interesting JonL

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One reservation I have about voting for the development of such a major feature is that it will slow down the implementation of the list of relatively minor feature requests, some of which have been requested long ago. (Personally, I felt this about the Database Manager too, but I see why it seemed a good idea.)

Obviously there would be advantages in integration with Wappler, but the likes of FlowMapp and Figma are already available. (Adobe XD seems like another option, and is free. Not that I’ve used it very much, but it seems pretty good.)

You’re right Tom. But I guess Wappler will arrive at the point where “all” of the needed features are implemented and additional workflow support would be helpful to build (bigger) projects. That would be better than using multiple tools.


Yes, hopefully that will happen - in which case the tools you’re suggesting will be for Wappler 5 perhaps :slightly_smiling_face: