Sitemap and Spell Checker


Would be handy to have a Sitemap Generator and submit to Search Engines as in DMXzone.

As well as a spell checker similar to Dreamweaver that lets you catch embarrassing typos while focus is on design (as a final check before going live).


@Norm Submit Stuff is dead since 10 years as I know. Also in our world there is sadly only that one „Big Search“ Engine out there. So maybe it makes less sense to so such feature…

We use Search Console Now from that „One Big Search“ Engine instead of Submit Websites as in 2005


I’m with Freddy on this one. I also thought sitemaps and submitting sites to search engines has gone away years ago?

I could be wrong.


I have to agree re site submission, not really seen that this millennium!

Site maps, different matter.
Search engines can have difficulty indexing some sites with dynamic content such as e-commerce sites and CMSs although routing is a big help.
While i would probably never bother with an HTML site map I remain unconvinced that XML sitemaps are dead, they still have a place in SEO in my view, especially when subtitled to your Google search console.
It won’t alone force google to visit and index your site but it does give it’s crawler a clue where the important bits reside.


Spell check I’m 100% with you on that one.


We have our own php script doing this, but a sitemap generator, similar to routing would be great (also a meta-tag generator, as I’ve also requested).