Silver Coast Surf School Website


We present you another responsive website built with Wappler by Andre Jesus, known in our community as @Andre. Here’s a brief description about the website that Andre provided to us:

I work at Silver Coast a SurfSchool in Peniche - Portugal, and we wanted a new website.
We wanted a visually simple website with vertical menu, quality photos, fully responsive, booking option, and still more to come (still developing). We used many Wappler components like -App Connect, Bootstrap 4, Server Connect, Swiper, Preloader, Google Maps, Notifications, Form Designer (and list keeps growing…)

Thanks for sharing this awesome website with our community!


Hi Andre, I like the way the logo pops in - nice touch :slight_smile:

Another great site. It’s one thing to build a ‘nice’ website and another to build a site that reflects the market it’s aimed at. This site reflects the market perfectly - big bold photos (nice shots btw), lots of white space, sunny and colourful.

I also like the fixed side bar that appears on the right on a larger screens. It makes the site a little more unique than the ubiquitous top nav sites everywhere. Awesome site, Andre. :clap::clap::clap:

What does the backend dashboard looks like to the client?