Sildershow in Modal - NodeJS - gives [object%20Object] when clicking on it

I have a slideshow in a Modal.
Im running node js…
There is no links on any of the images.
but when i do click anywhere on the slideshow…

It works fine in php … but not on nodejs…
anybody have some idea… as said there is no link on the images.

status “404”
message “/[object%20Object] not found.”

What happens? And which component is that exactly?

If i click on the JPEG… its a slide show within the modal.
Not the arrows… the anywhere on the DIV area…

then it goes to

status “404”
message “/[object%20Object] not found.”

What happens when you click on the jpeg? I don’t understand that? You say “when i click…” when you click - what happens?


So when clicking an image in the slideshow you are being redirected to this [Object Object] url, correct?

yup… i think i always get lost in translation…

Can’t really recreate this. Can you provide a link to your page, where i can check that?

i dont have the node one online yet… anyway let me see what i can do… ill double check my stuff…
PS. Its a dynamic slideshow. But i will check and revert.

What are you putting as a Link? Is it a variable? Where the variable comes from? Maybe if it comes from a database query you’re doing something like {{ query }} instead of something like {{ }}

In this example, {{ query }} is an Object, but {{ }} is a string containing the link:

"query": {
    "data": {
        "id": 13,
        "link": "",
        "image": ""

Double-check with the data binding picker

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great let me check that… but i dont think i did put any link in… but let me have a look see.

Thanks @Apple you solved it…

Ok i have added this to the line… slide-link="’’" and seem to do the trick…
i cant remember if this was added by default to the code… but once i added a link via the GUI… it created it … and then i just removed the link via the code editor… So maybe it should create a blank slide-link if not inserted…

I have just checked when creating a slideshow in node… it does not by default add.
So hence the [object] … so add a link… name… remove it… via the code editor