Show uploaded image in the profile card


Hi good evening, have created an upload file form which is uploading jpg, png to through server connect through the page

I would like to show the image uploaded in the profile card in

Have had a look at the community posts but did not find anything relevant

  1. whats the best way to go about this independent of the file name ?

has to be something dynamic i guess ?

many thanks,



I would suggest taking a look at these two documents:


Hi Brad, thanks for your swift response. Just want to detail that i am not using a database i am uploading the image through a form to the uploads folder on the webserver, doc1 you sent over still applies ?




Hmmm, you really should be doing this through a database. However, you should be able to do it assigning session variables to your form elements and passing them to the next page.

I would have to ask why you are doing it that way? It may be difficult to achieve what I think you are trying to do.


ok thanks, super! i am doing just that with the form inputs currently and passing to the profile card, will do the same for the image for now. The db is coming but need to have a look at Mongo first and see what options are available as a service.