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Hi guys,
I’m trying to do somethings that seems really simple but can’t find the the solution in “how to” and “posts”.

I’m creating a location (location_tbl)

  • first step i choose a type of location (type_loc tbl) and set a cookie
  • then i need to show/hide several inputs fields in my second step (form) according to the type_loc cookie value (inputs that are specific options…)

ie: if == ‘7’ OR ‘9’ OR ‘21’ OR whatever… (several identyfied values) > I want to show/hide the input.

How should I do to set my “dmx-show/hide”?
What is the correct way to set this kind of conditional?
I can’t figure out using bind/formating panel and modifying code.

Thanks in advance.


Your code should be:

dmx-show=" == 7 || == 9 || == 21"

It’s standard js operators

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Super thanks :wink:
I bookmark the link!