Show/Hide DIV


What I need is: mouse over a menu item show a div that I applied a “d-none” class. And then when the mouse out hide the DIV again. I do this through the static events, dynamics events …? I need to show the DIV in the mouse over action in the menu item. How to make?


What is the content of your div? Have you explored the possibility of using a popover?




Yes, I checked this tutorial but there shows a dynamic event with data bindings. It is not my case. I am building a static page and want to show and hide a DIV with mouseover.


Dynamic events doesn’t mean you are working with dynamic data.
Dynamic events are the events used in App Connect for its components, I.e. the events controlling different components or properties. The following tutorial is showing almost what you are trying to achieve, please check it to get the idea:

Just use mouse enter/leave events to set the variable value to 1/0 (instead of click to toggle as shown in the tutorial).


Yes. Thank you Teodor. I got