Show closing closing html tag by selection

Multiple times I’m working in the CODE view and trying to figure out which of my selected tags over the next 100 lines is the closing tag. That takes alot of time. Maybe that would be possible like

Select any TAG and you’ll see greyed the closing tag

There is currently an option which underlines the closing tag.
Isn’t it working for you?

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YEP Works! Woow now I see it… Never saw it before… okay maybe it should be just a bit stronger :slight_smile: Should I close that post or how to handle it, as its a Feature request…

Maybe you can suggest an improvement for this?

Yes sure.


  • I would just show it a bit more dominant. Or highlited instead of just underlining them with small dots
  • Also it would be nice you click 3 times, that it will select the whole tag with its content.
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We will check how could this be improved, after the holidays :slight_smile:

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In the global options there are different themes for code view, all having different highlighting.

So try the other ones, they might suit you better


Thanx will do that… @George stop working now! Enjoy Christmas!


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I much preferred the earlier solution which was to highlight the whole block. I don’t know why this was changed. I think George suggested there was a problem with this, but it made things clear at a glance, without hunting for the rather subtle highlight on the closing tag. (I wish highlights were not subtle at all - that they really stood out, so you couldn’t miss them.)

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@TomD yes the whole block was what I also suggested