Shortcut to Add Before, Add Inside, Add After

request to please add keyboard shortcuts for when in the design view:
Add Before
Add Inside
Add After

We already have quite a lot keyboard shortcuts for design view:

But maybe indeed Add Before/inside/After will also be useful - what keeps would you suggest for it, looking at the list of shortcuts we already have, so that no duplicates are added.

yes, we did see those shortcuts.

Add Before = B
Add Inside = I
Add After = A

just single letter shortcuts.

when in design view we can navigate through the elements using arrow keys.
once we have the right element selected we can press A B or I to add new elements.

also, in the add element window, the auto focus is on the search box, so absolutely no need to touch the mouse until a perticular element is to be selected.

so, the next step would be to be able to select an element by using arrow keys - as of now it is not possible and mouse has to be deployed to select an element.

on a mildly related note, for going to the design panel, shortcut D can be used.

single letter shortcuts are used quite a lot on webflow, FYI.

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