Shortcut for refresh on Design view

Takes time to take you hand off the keyboard and go to mouse to drag to top right and click refresh everytime. Could we have a shortcut key assigned for Design view refresh please.

There have been a number of requests for various keyboard shortcuts. I don’t think there has been any response to these requests.

It would be good to know if they will be introduced at some point - in which case it might be useful if people submitted suggestions which could be considered in one place.

Two which would save me a lot of clicking are:
Switch between Design and Code view
Open in Browser - from either Design or Code View (and perhaps Preview)
Shortcuts for Server Connect, File Manager and Search

There may be some shortcuts which are there but undiscovered (at least by me). It’s hard to believe that after searching for text in code view (Ctrl+F works), there is no method/shortcut to jump to successive occurences of the search term. This may make the code editor unique amongst editors, but it’s not a great feature. I often end up pasting all of the code into a text editor. (If anyone has discovered a method, I would be very grateful if they could share the discovery).

As Geroge explained in a few other topics - shortcuts will be implemented in the next updates.


Thanks Teodor. I’m sorry - I must have missed George’s comments, but that’s good to hear.

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