Shopify oauth2?

Has anyone set this up for Shopify using Oauth2 for creating apps?

I am not sure where to go with it. I’ve done alot manually but I think this would be easier if someone has already done it with shopify?


For reference…

I built it out custom so far following the Authentication flow (recommended by Shopify) and receive my access_token from Shopify but have no clue how to carry out this processes using a the Aouth2 feature in Wappler.

I am sure my process is subpar at best so would like to get this figured out prior to going into production as I’m sure I’m missing some things.

I’ve built out a lot of oAuth services in Wappler recently (i.e. Stripe, SendGrid, XERO, GoCardless, etc…). They’ve all been very straight-forward. My advice is to do all your config set-up and pre-testing in a rest client like Insomnia beforehand. Once it’s all working, simply transpose to the Wappler API action

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