Sharing app with Docker

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to get some guidance on sharing my app, once final, with third parties using Docker Hub, so that they can set up their own instance on their own server (and actually use the final product). For this purpose, I’ve pushed my app’s image into the Docker Hub (from my local Docker Desktop). This has worked fine.

However I’m running into issues from there (it’s obvious, but new to this). So am I right assuming I have to create a docker-compose.yml using the public Docker Hub-image of my app (plus database including using my db_save-file) on my own? If I have a look at the docker-compose.yml created by Wappler (in .wappler>targets>prod), it’s directing to the local dockerfiles. I believe this isn’t something Wappler would do for me, is it? Would anyone know what to change here?

I’ve already bought a book on Docker, however was hoping I could make some quick wins here. At least would be very helpful, if someone can confirm this is the right way forward or not?

Thanks a lot!