Shame on me!? Girl vs Wappler Features


Completely offtopic ! Sorry…but I met a girl on Tinder :slight_smile: so got a Date in 1.5h and normally I should hurry, but now I’m still sitting in front of my Laptop and downloading the new Wappler and wanna try out quickly these amazing API feature! Is that normal?


Where are your priorities dude, cancel the date, there is one Wappler and millions of girls.


maybe I could just cancel the match/Date via TinderAPI :grinning::ok_hand:t5: I guess she would understand it when I do this the elegant way


Hahaha, the date is a bust anyway, if you start telling her how excited you are about Wappler all night and the API feature she might leave quick enough that you can go home and play.


My problem exactly.