Setup Confirmation and Send Email's Form Contents

I’ve created several email forms on two different test websites and have had mixed success. In all cases, I cannot get a’ confirmation’ or a ‘Success’ to display upon submitting the form. Can anyone demo how to setup form submission confirmations? Please see my screen caps below:

The form sends out the email successfully but my email client does not show the form’s content in the body:

Hi Randy,

This tutorial for the DW Extension is exactly like in Wappler for the confirmation alerts.

As for the mail content have you binded the content in the send mail action? If so can you take a screenshot of your email content bindings?

Thanks for the tip to visit the DMXzone site for the tutorial - I never would have thought to go there. I followed the instructions given and got the confirmation to work. :grinning:

But for the second tip… How do I ‘bind the content’ in the email action? Where/how is this accessible in the Wappler app?

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Hi Randy,

Again the DW Extension is the same. Have a look at this video.

A 1000 THANK-YOU’s. I reviewed the tutorial and have successfully setup an email form that sends its content!!

I do wish the Dev team would combine all Wappler-related how-to’s & tutorials and make them all available under Wappler’s ‘Documentation’ menu item… and index them all for a ‘Help’ search. I know its early in the game, but it would still be nice to have. And what is REALLY nice is this forum and the folks who are willing to help all of us Wappler nubees.

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Glad you got it all working, Randy! Good luck with your project.

Yes we would like to and are working hard to make this happen but we have like 1000 videos on DMXzone and it takes a while to convert them

I do hope that also more people will help with their user stories and experience with Wappler so we can all make Wappler much more accessible to new users