Setting Checkbox value to 1 for "Remember Me / Keep me logged in" value

Can I ask what setting the value to 1 actually does when you are using a login form, i know it allows the user to be remembered and not have to login over and over again, and I assume it just sets a cookie in the users browser.
So if i had a checkbox and the value was not set at all, so the static value was totally null, because I forgot to add that in what effect would this have on my login form? would it just ignore if someone clicked the remember me or would it return an error.
And if i assume this is a direct boolean, 1 = true and 0 = false, so when checked it is true to store a cookie in the users browser?
Please just confirm this or give more info if needed.

why not check your browser cookies?
wappler will not set any cookie if you did not pass remember with value of 1


That’s s right, no cookie will be set if there is no value set to the checkbox.
Submitting a checkbox without value is the same as not submitting a checkbox - then the script does not create the cookie and you won’t be kept logged in, after closing the browser.

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Thanks for clarification, think i am going to have to go check a few of my older sites because i learnt this a little late, probably only 5 months ago when i decided to re watch a video for an entirely different reason. :slight_smile: