"Set Value" actions turn into a expandable item with options as if repeat

Latest Wappler, Latest MacOS

I have added a library action and also duplicated it to created a simpler version derived from it.

I noticed that when adding a set value action and setting the value and wanting to use it in another action for instance “Insert” the set value turned into an expandable item with options as if repeat. I have never had this before:

Hi. This has been the case since a few releases now.
The set value step now supports setting up a schema - manually or dynamically. This does not affect the value inside the variable in any manner.

Its not perfect - as you are seeing here.
For manual schema setup, it works great. For setting other bindings which might have some schema, it works out as well.

For your reported case, you can ignore the schema in picker, until this is improved.


Thanks for the info. I saw it worked by just selecting the variable.