Set language in Wappler's internal browser

I believe the default language used by wappler’s browser is “en-US”. It would be great to be able to select the language that we want to use.

This wasn’t an issue until I started fiddling with i18n. I started noticing that the browser with app connect activated wasn’t rendering my translations until I implemented a fallback language functionality.

Great idea!

Yes we can change a lot on the internal browser and it’s user agent string. We do that already for mobile projects to switch between iOS and Android rendering.

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I don’t know how it looks like on mobile projects as I haven’t started with those yet. However if possible it would be great to have those options at one-click distance from the design/split window. Ideally toolbar.

At this moment it is not possible to update the language of a webview as we do with the useragent. Perhaps if it is possible later we could add it, for now it won’t be possible.

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