Server Validation Error not Autofocusing on Field - help?

Hi guys, I am building this app and everything works so well.

Anyway, I have a server side validation that works too but only challenge is my page is long and when a user submits a form that triggers a duplicate entry, the field displays the exact error but then the page stays put. A user has to now scroll back up to form to see the error messages.

I was wondering if there is a hack to get the page to scroll back up to the error sections for either navigation for the users. Just like the Client Side Validation works. I tried triggering an alert, a notification etc and nothing seemed to happen. I will appreciate any help here. Thanks a ton.

Hello @joseph,
@patrick will check this :slight_smile:

Hi Teodor. Ok, thanks.

Old bug, but look like comes back v5.2.1.
I really don’t know if that ocurr in past versions because, in my case only now I have a large form.
The same, when submit the form, the Server Validate Data fires an error on the input, but it not get autofocus when ocurr, no autoscrolling to show up where is the validation message.