Server support for Node.js?

My hosting uses cPanel. How can I tell if my hosting supports Node.js?

A good place to start would be their website.

You should have ‘Setup Node.js App’ under the software section. This is what mine looks like:

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Bummer, looks like my host doesn’t support Node. :frowning:

Many hosting panels like Plesk have it as addon that you have to install. Check their website

Which host are you with brad?

HostPapa … since our project contains client information and has set guidelines we have to follow our physical server has to be located in Canada.

They have it available on VPS accounts. But the pricing for the plan we would need is outragious. I’d have to see a lot of very noticable NODE.js advantages before making that switch.

Hmmm, doesn’t look like they support it on shared accounts. VPS looks like they do but they seem a tad expensive for a VPS. I’ve checked but no support for Docker either. Time to change hosts? (with CA based servers of course)

I will wait to see how NODE.js evolves and if there is a reliable conversion tool to NODE from PHP.

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Use Digital Ocean for now. $5 a month would get you up and running. That’s what I will likely do. We installed NodeJS on our cPanel server but haven’t done anything with it. I want to get to grips with the basics first and a Digital Ocean droplet seems to be the easiest and safest way to begin with.