Server Side Variable as String in Javascript Code Question

Hey Guys,

I have a custom module i’ve built and am using the $_POST variable to set the name for a file and passing that into the module as an option.

The problem I am getting is the value does not seem to update and is showing as “MOD-{{$_POST.img_name}}.png”

See Screenshots.

Any Ideas?

const srcImgName = this.parse(options.File_Name);

Funny enough I was checking out yesterday the rembg py library :smiley:

Awesome! Your the man. This fixed it.

I gotta work on my Javascript…haha

Ha yeah this was actually a custom module we had to create for Photorooms API for removing background…

Been playing around with the rembg py library also but we do all “customer logos” and the library is trained for more people and objects so ends up removing a lot of the customers logo from what we’ve found…

Going to be playing with that library long term and trying to retrain the models with our own long term!