Server-Side Conditional - NodeJS

I just saw this thread and wondered if a client-side conditional component could be added to the UI to make implementing easier? I appreciate it’s not particularly difficult but there’s no visibility in the App Structure and using the data picker would be very handy.

As an obvious use-case, it would be really useful for enforcing permissions-based visibility of elements in an admin app, preventing elements from being rendered in the DOM rather than hide/show or conditional regions that rely on a page SC action completing.

You can bind the show/hide or CR conditions with Server Side script, and you won’t have to wait for a SC to load.
The FR would make more sense, in my opinion, if it would ask for a server side binding picker for conditions.

It is always possible to include server-side code on your page, but Wappler will not recognize it and the design view simply strips it out.

All our components are HTML components, that means that they live in the DOM and rely on it to render. If you want to not want the HTML to be visible in the source code you have to exclude it using a conditional server-side script or load the HTML afterwards with a server connect action where you can do the extra security check.

Ah. Ok. Thanks was hoping that there was a way of adding this within the UI and moving elements in/out of the region as well as being able to use the picker for the expression. Manual coding it is then…