Server Side Components in ASP.NET

While during my beta testing, I could only get it to run on one machine, you have fixed that issue and I am able to run on my development machine.

You have a great product. Just looking at the free version and loading any template breaks it down into pieces which, when modified, gives excellent, well-formatted resulting code I can use to add simply by copy-and-paste.

I have a few questions:

  1. When selecting ASP.NET as the server model, is it assumed the site is a site utilizing Web Forms?

  2. We use ASP.NET MVC with C#. Is there any possibility you will support this type of project and offer Design mode when selecting ASP.NET in the future, such as: Including Views\Shared_Layout.cshtml within the .cshtml pages having that layout?

  3. Since I am using the Free version at the moment, I am not sure what to expect with Data Connect, Queries and server-side actions. Are they .aspx files? Would they integrate into MVC Controllers?

  1. If building an MVC site, will all the basic server-side scripts be located in the root or in a folder?

  2. Is the Security implemented custom and secure, or would an ASP.NET project utilize Identity Membership?

  3. I see you do weekly updates. Is the goal to make all DMXZone extensions available within Wappler, or are you picking and choosing? I will create another post of which extensions I would like to see added.

  4. Finally, if I purchase the academic subscription, would I be able to build more than 5 of the same project if they are never published or show outside the teaching environment? In the beginning of teaching, there are times when I need to erase everything and begin from scratch to demonstrate the setup and initial steps taken in a project, or does it track the number of projects and cut me off at 5?

Overall, this is a great product. I look forward to pushing it to see what I can do with a non-DMXZone, BS4 template I am working with to customize its look and feel - adding panels, removing unnecessary pieces, re-styling, deleting sections and see if it helps to be able to apply it with the web application assignment this coming semester.

  1. The ASP.NET server model is used to select the server model for Server Connect, which is our server-side api for App Connect, our client-side framework.

  2. We don’t support ASP.NET MVC, you can edit the code with the code editor, but nothing more. The design mode is only available for full html pages and our own template includes. Maybe we can add support for cshtml files later.

  3. The server-side actions use our own Server Connect framework, the actions generate a custom aspx and json file which are used by the framework to execute the actions and return data back to the client in JSON format. It is not possible to integrate this into MVC controllers.

  4. Our security provider has a custom implementation, it doesn’t use the default ASP.NET membership.

  5. We will not include all our DMXzone extensions, we include all our App Connect and Server Connect extensions. We also try to convert old extensions to our App Connect and Server Connect framework. And a lot of new extensions are planned, expect more css frameworks and more components in the future.

  6. With the educational subscription you can work on 5 projects, it only counts the active projects, so if you reached 5 projects you can delete an old project to start a new one.