Server output from within Condition

Would really be great if we could see output from server connect actions (via the dynamic selector) even if those actions are contained within a condition.

EDIT: Perhaps represent them differently (icon change, color change, etc.) if they are in condition.

May you explain it more? Or visually show what you mean?

Yep. That would be great. I haven’t got that far into Wappler yet :slight_smile:

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Sure. Here’s an example.

You can see below a snippet for a report builder. We’ll just consider the ‘expense’, ‘revenue’ (nested within a condition,) and ‘recentTags’, ‘glAccounts’ (outside the condition.)

Server connect:

App connect data binding:

In the app connect data binding, you can only select recentTags and glAccounts (the two actions outside the server connect condition.) I’m proposing you should also be able to select expense and revenue, but because they may or may not be available due to the condition, they could be visually style differently so the developer is alerted to this fact.

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Thanks for explaining. Voted as I already see I will need this.

Agreed, currently as a workaround, I put the queries outside of the condition, do the refresh of data binding then put them back under condition. But indeed, your proposition would be more proper

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Yep, I’ve used that as well…mostly I just select a similar binding and then drop into the editor for modification. I’m too afraid of forgetting to change things back!

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well that is a good one!

We actually used to display the data inside conditional region in the data picker, but seems due to recent changes it got lost :slight_smile: - so we will fix then in the next update.

However we display only the “then” data - just as the conditional region wasn’t there.
The idea initially was that the “then” or “else” data are usually the same any way. And also the data come in the same main branch.

But I see that it might be useful indeed to display both branches of data to be able to pick from.
Will see if we can improve this as well.


This is now improved in Wappler 2.2.5


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