Server Mode Differences between PHP & NodeJS?

Hi - I was wondering if there are significant differences between the PHP & NodeJS server models in terms of supported functionality. i.e.: Is one more or less supported than the other or does one have some piece of great functionality that the other does not have or is one more likely to be supported or dropped in the future?

Another twist to the question - what are the things I should consider in choosing one vs the other?

Thanks very much!

I think that the biggest difference is the supported server. PHP requires the installation of an Apache server or similar. NodeJS has its own built in server.

But rather than me rambling on, have a look at what these guys have to say on the subject.

You should consider the scalability of your application.

Starting a new project? IMHO go with NodeJS. I love the EJS templating engine.

I think @jonl might be on the fence with this one :rofl:

Without trying to disturb the hornets’ nest, I think it’s fair to say PHP is not dead and there’s plenty of people (myself included) still supporting and developing with PHP, but there are currently some advantages for most use cases by choosing NodeJS e.g. asynchronous processing can be beneficial and many of the most recent additions to Wappler (e.g. sockets) have been NodeJS only and this is likely to be an ongoing theme. It is worth noting that @george has committed to supporting and developing for PHP.

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Indeed! Just use nodejs :wink:

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I’d ask myself first what kind of website and where I’m going to host it.

Just use Nodejs and save yourself from recreating the entire app later on down the line.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and insights. After reviewing the comments in this thread taking Wappler’s PHP option out for a spin, it’s clear the the NODEJS server is going to be much better supported than PHP.

Thanks again for all the comments.