Server disconnects with any changes to the design?


I changed from TEXT to NUMBER, and could not get the data to load in the view. When one makes changes on the right side (design) and for some reason, the connection is no longer active how can one reconnect without deleting everything on the right side and starting over?


Can you explain what you mean by that? What connection are you referring to and why would you start over from scratch?


Absolutely, starting over right now. Then shall demonstrate when the data goes from connected to disconnected by making a change on the design (right) side. @Teodor

First, everything on the App Structure side I have to delete

It shall take a few minutes to create the entire app again, one moment, shall post a screenshot of the completed app with the data populating, then shall show what change of many types of changes on the App Structure side causes the data to no longer populate.


I still do not understand what you mean.

What are you starting from scratch? And what exactly does that mean:


Figured it out… within the App Structure javascript and bootstrap css code, when a change is made with the RAD view of the App Structure, it does not necessarily match the CODE view of the App Structure.

Amazing … Wappler combines auto generated SQL code with editable auto generated javascript and css in a Rapid Application Development environment.


Sorry I am not following you.
What is RAD view, what do you change and where it doesn’t match?
Can you please be more specific?


@Teodor yes, shall be very specific as it has happened quite a few times. Just now figured it out, by viewing the code creation during application development using the RAD GUI. Shall give exact examples. I now know how to identify the problem. Please allow a little time as I complete the next portion of development. Wappler so far is incredible, cannot wait to see the areas of page design. Reminds me of Act, FoxPro and Paradox but much, much better. Maybe the replacement of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder, to mention a few. So many out there, none comes close to data connectivity as Wappler.


Sorry, but what is RAD GUI?
Do you mean that a change made in the App Connect Panel is not synced with the code view?


@Teodor yup, that is exactly what I mean. Has something to do with the Generator. Shall repeat that process as soon as I finish the next levels (CRUD for a single table before moving onto Master Detail).


Could you just explain what is not synced where?


It just disconnected again when I stopped what I was working on to make a screenshot.


Can you explain what you changed where, where do you expect it to change and where has it not changed?

  • In app structure I do this
  • then i do that
  • I expect this, to change there…

@Teodor I promise you, later today, I shall re-create and properly document each and every instance. There is no roll back or auto save copy version controls?


No, there is no such a feature available.
All I need is a simple explanation of what you did and what do you think is wrong.
No need to redo everything from scratch…


@Teodor Ok, finally discovered one of the actions. It occurs when you finally set the App Structure Server Connect Input Filter.

When you connect the input form filter on the App Structure side or when you build the query in the database GET query. It repeats, connect or query build and it disconnects, remove and it reconnects.


I am sorry but you totally lost me.

You are using some terms that are not clear to me, for example - what “disconnects” from where and when?


@Teodor 7 day trial ended, shall resume later in the week after paying.


Ah, could you just explain what you changed and what you expected to happen, which did not really happen.
Also can you explain about the "connection* are using?

You don’t really need the trial to explain that :slight_smile: