Server Data Bindings do not evaluate to their values when using Custom Modules

Wappler Version : 3.5.7
Operating System : mac
Server Model: node
Database Type: maria
Hosting Type: remote

Expected behavior

Using a data binding in a custom module should result in the value being used.

Actual behavior

The binding text itself is used

How to reproduce

Create a custom module and using data bindings for a text type

If a text string is provided the code works.

If a databinding is provided, the binding is used eg: {{}}

Do you have a sample code where you use the parameters?

I think when using parameters that can contain expressions, they have to be run through “evaluate” function to get the expression value first.

Maybe @patrick can advise - it is also server language dependent.

Okay…would love to see how to use “evaluate” as everything else works perfectly. (1.7 KB)

I think I found it George:

Testing now.

EDIT: All good…just had to use the parseRequired as Patrick documented in the above post.

This just opens up a whole world of fun!