Server Connect Response - forcing blank body

I’ve created a callback (to pdfMonkey when creating a PDF) and it’s failing consistenly as the callback oonly wants a 200 OK with a blank body.

Leaving the repsonse->text blank but Wappler’s decided to override that with “OK” or null.

How do I force a blank body ?


If SC completes without error it returns 200. Having no steps that output should give a blank body - so just have the Send Mail step (no output) and remove the other steps and you should get what you need.

Thanks BJP

I tried that variant. It gives me {} - which again is being rejected by pdfMonkey. Here’s the result being returned with empty braces.

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Anyone got any ideas ?

IS the source code available so I can modify it myself ?

Try a response step with 200 and {{null}} in the value part.

Hi Sid,

That unfortunately also return null.

It looks like it’s been naively hard-wired in place of a blank. I suspect it requires a code change in the lib. Is this code available anywhere- happy to mod it myself …

Thanks for your feedback

Damn. I was hoping that would not translate itself to string.
Patrick will reply soon with a solution I hope… He’s been tagged.

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An empty string should work, you could use and expression like {{''}}. I will check the server connect action later on why it is not an empty string when you just leave the text field empty.

That doesn’t work. The SC code appears to be explicitly pushing null whatever a blank state is evident

As a workaround open you SC file and add a data key-value pair with an empty string.

        "name": "",
        "module": "core",
        "action": "response",
        "options": {
          "status": 200,
          "data": ""

That should give you an empty body.


But if you want to beat the UI and do what I call a pro move just do this so you don’t have to touch the code of the SC.




And you will also get an empty payload.


Hi Jon,

That gives me “” - which also returns an error. I’m looking for a n empty primitive.

I will try your pro move now !!

It won’t work either then. It will give you an empty string also :frowning:

The pro move forces a null

Try with {{{}}}and {{[]}} as code values for the empty variable

That will send and empty object or an empty array. Maybe the API will consume that.



It’s not playing nicely…gives me the literal {}

I’m out of ideas now :slight_smile:

So now we can only wait for the team to add a checkbox in the UI response action Send empty payload and the appropriate logic in the core files.

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What server model are you using (Node,ASP,PHP)?