Server connect renaming action file fail



problem with Server Connect
I am unable to finish 2nd form to email and that is preventing me from going live with site
Any suggestions or workarounds?

-when adding adding a second form with server actions to server connect, “New File” gets created I rename i.e. “regform” and set up the setup mailer and send mail steps. All good until I try to attch to server connect form properties in App Structure - server action does not show new “action” only “new File” is there (and using that does not work either) - also when i close off wapller and come back the name in in server connect action file “regform” has reverted to “New File”
tried several times and reboots to no avail… any suggections


Yep have that issue as well


haven’t heard anything on this issue - were you able to create a workaround by any chance?

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Yes just give the new action straight new name instead of leaving it as “new file”


It’s just a matter of renaming the file - like any other file. You don’t need to do this from within Wappler, but the new option to open these files in Explorer/Finder using the context menu makes it easier now.

It should be possible to use the rename option of course but there does seem to be a problem with this - the files appear to be renamed but are not (eg if you refresh the Server Connect panel, the names revert). I don’t know if this happens every time - I haven’t tried it much. I’m sure this will be fixed, but I would often prefer to use the OS file manager anyway.


Tried renaming but it doesn’t stick. I rename save and the try to use it and it’s not available in connect. And name reverts to new file?

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Excellent advice - using the OS file manager worked like a charm and it stuck.Thank you Tom!

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This is fixed now in Wappler 1.9.1


Awesome . Thanks.

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