Server Connect Form Reset

On success event of the server connect form, I have added an action to reset the form itself, but its not working.
I am using the form to update a record. On successful submission of the form, it changes the values in text boxes back to as it was before update. Correct result would be that all fields go blank.

reset brings the form back to it’s original state. Therefore working as it should. Why would you want to clear an update form?

If you want to refresh the data in the form to reflect the current data use the serverconnect.load function, not form.reset

  1. When the page loads, all form fields are blank - this is the original state.
  2. On selecting a record to update, the value of that record get populated in the form.
  3. Then, after making changes, on clicking the save button, the record gets updated and the values of the form are changed to as it was in 2.

Its shown only when user clicks a record. So it should be blank when its visible and while new data is loading.

No, current data is not required. I want the form to go blank after success.

Hello @nshkrsh
How do you populate data ? So are you using detail region or server connect (which one )

Did you use “no auto load” option If you are using server connect ?

I have three server connects, and one server connect form. Form is BS4 auto generated form.
When a record is clicked, GetDetails server connect is loaded. This same server connect is set as Populate source for the auto generated form. GetDetails is set to NOT auto load.

Set default value for GetDetails server connect action .(like -1) or what you want because you said that I have checked no auto load option but its work after success events .

And second way you have to debug your process in console … what did you see in console ? Is getdetail server connect action working after success ?did you see.

Or you can share link with us then we can check

How to set default value for a server connect action?

GetDetails is only called when a record is clicked. It is not called after success. Confirmed by checking Networks tab in Chrome's inspector.

Sorry, working locally, don't have a link to share.

You are using get parameters in server connect .( check app connect panel)

Click server connect in app connect panel (getdetail server connect action)
You will see your get detail parameters then choose it and format it

Oh, you mean I should set default value for the GET param.
Below is the GetDetails server connect. Parameter is set from a variable.
The value of this variable is changed to ‘null’ on success of form.


Onsucces change the varid value with the dynamic events > just set its value empty.

Yeap format varid.value


I have set it as null.

Tried using varid.setValue(-1); & varid.setValue(); but the form still won’t reset. It keeps showing the old values.

That is strange, can you provide a link to this page please?

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Imposibe this way have to work if your page working correctly

Teodor said that set your value on success .

I am testing Wappler on local system. Don’t have the database setup on my server.
I can give you remote access (AnyDesk) if you want.

Well just upload to some testing server or open access for remote access to your local server.
I cannot guess what could be wrong unless i see your page running in my browser.

Will set it up on the remote server then. Will reply again with the link.

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