Server Connect Connection will not save (resulting in error connecting when loading site)

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Wappler Version : 3.3.1
Operating System : Mac
Project: NodeJS, Docker, MySql

Expected behavior

I enter Direct Database Connection credentials (for wappler)
I enter Server Connect Connection credentials - and hit save - I expect the credentials to store so that the live site can then connect to the DB.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

When I hit save, the window closes. When I open up the Server Connect Connection again - all credentials have disappeared.
Direct Database Connection credentials save and I can connect via Wappler fine.

If it adds any context:
I have a staging project (project1) in Docker, with the Docker MySql DB.
I am connecting this second project (project2) to the Docker MySql DB from project 1. This works A Ok with the Direct Database Connection - but when I load the site (hosted on AWS) - the site can’t connect or load data from the DB.

The error I receive in dev tools is:

  1. message: “getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND db”

Wappler team, I know I only reported this officially yesterday and it’s Thursday (a busy day for you guys) - but if there is a manual work around, such as editing any files manually, to make this work in advance of bug investigation and fix, please let me know - we can’t actually load the project without being able to connect to the server db.

The host db is only for internal network address within docker, you can’t connect to a database that way in a different docker instance. To access the other docker database you need the same settings as with the direct connection.

Thanks Patrick, I’ve tried that - but the issue isn’t so much the details - it’s the fact that it just will not save in ‘Server Connect Connection’.

I enter the details, (I just used the Direct Connect details as per your recommendation) - click save. Then re-open Server Connect Connection and it’s blank again.