Server Connect Actions - Notes or Comments

I have no idea if this is a big ask or not but it would be so very helpful to me in larger projects.

My Server Actions build up, and no matter how organised i try and be, eventually I can get a little confused, is there a possible way to add a section to all server action files created where you can add some custom notes to help us keep track of what each file is used for.

yeap good idea :+1:


Thanks @s.alpaslan, i have 80 server actions in 16 folders right now and am so confused what i did 3 weeks ago that it is frightening, haha.

The lengths one must go through for a damn “Idea Generator” badge, hey, haha

80 server actions. you must be building a new google:sweat_smile:

Lol, i wish, i’m probably just not doing it right. Its only a 20 page dashboard backend after all, but each page has at least 5 server actions, a query to start, a smaller query for populating a few other sections like dropdown menus etc. an update, a delete, an insert, so it build up pretty quick.

Do make sure you are organizing your server actions in logical folders and also give them logical names.

Usually I follow the CRUD methodology and have a folder name as database table name and inside list, get, insert, update and delete actions.

On I have folders for the higher level operations.

But of course it is up to your system to create logical and easy to scan and understand structure.

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Agreed, I think sometimes, especially when you are testing things, and there is not a solid plan on what you may do, or where you had a solid plan that turns out to not work as expected, I land up making different actions to try get it working, and I land up with confusing actions.
I think as I get better and better in Wappler though this will improve, knowing the application like the back of my hand would certainly assist, and I feel like i am starting to get there.