Server Connect - 3rd Party API JSON data - How to make nested array data available in App Connect Data Picker

Hey all,

We are querying a third party API, when I review in the console, I can see the full array data per record, on each data point.

However, I can only select the ‘array’ in the data picker, and not any of the individually returned datapoints within that array, for example, I have one field that lists a career history, as ‘experience’.

In app connect I can only choose ‘experience’, whereas in the console I see:

And so on, and within each of these, there is additional array data nested, such as the company detail.

I’ve seen various comments from @patrick that the Server Connect JSON data is flat, and I think I’ve seen some workarounds in the forum, but I can’t find any when trying to search through the forum this morning.

I imagine one workaround is to just manually include them without using the data picker, referencing the correct numbers in the array, however it would be a little easier if we can make the data available for data binding in AC. The issue with this approach is that some records might for example have 7 rows of array data within ‘experience’ but some might only have 3, so the only way would be to include a repeat region on the UI - but we’d need to do this multiple times per record and so it seems as though this might not be the best way to do it, performance wise.

What would be the correct way to get all nested (and in some cases multiple nestings) array data available for binding with the App Connect?