Server and App Connect group icons

For anyone who, like me is constantly checking the font awesome icons for use in HJSON, here is a list of group icons (as best i could do)

Server Connect

Group Font Awesome Icon
Zip Processor fa-solid fa-file-zipper
Validator fa-solid fa-check
Stripe fa-brands fa-stripe-s
Sockets fa-solid fa-plug
Security provider fa-solid fa-lock
Security fa-solid fa-user
S3 Connector fa-solid fa-cloud-arrow-up
reCAPTCHA Actions fa-solid fa-arrows-rotate
OAuth2 Connector fa-solid fa-user
Mailer fa-solid fa-envelope
Image Processor fa-regular fa-file-image
File Management fa-solid fa-file
Database Actions fa-solid fa-database
Data Transformations fa-solid fa-filter
Data Management fa-solid fa-arrow-right-arrow-left
Cryptographic fa-solid fa-key
Core Actions fa-solid fa-cube
API Connector a-solid fa-arrow-right-arrow-left

App Connect
(this proved a little more difficult as I was unable to find exact match to a few)

Group Font Awesome Icon
Content fa-solid fa-a
Forms fa-solid fa-file-lines
Navigation fa-solid fa-compass
Animation fa-solid fa-code
Data fa-solid fa-database
Components fa-solid fa-cube
Workflows fa-solid fa-diagram-project
PDF Creator fa-solid fa-file-pdf (not exact but closest i can find)
Sockets fa-solid fa-plug
State Management fa-solid fa-database
Stripe fa-brands fa-stripe-s
Generators fa-solid fa-repeat (not exact but closest i can find)
Font Awesome fa-solid fa-font-awesome (not exact but closest i can find)
Layout fa-solid fa-square

Awesome cheat sheet!

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