Server Action Steps Inserting Identity Incorrectly Since 3.7.1

Wappler Version: 3.7.1
Operating System: Windows 10

In the example shown below, if I insert the Security Provider identity it should insert the value {{subscriber_user.identity}}. This is what happened in all previous version of Wappler I have used.

Actual behavior

Wappler just inserts {{identity}}, and no value is returned.

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It may be the same issue I am having.
Retrieve Identity is broken and you have to manually edit the file.
This post goes back and forth, but it is still broken.
Try editing the lib/core/db.js file

Are you using NodeJS? In NodeJS {{subscriber_user.identity}} never worked correctly and we had a global {{identity}} instead. This was the way in NodeJS, in the other server languages like ASP/PHP you had to use {{subscriber_user.identity}}.

With the new globals this behavior also changed a bit, we have introduced a special step called identify which returns the identity. However when having the Security Provider as a step the old way should also work.

We will do some testing to see if it is perhaps broken, could you please tell us the server model you are using.

Sorry Patrick… it is PHP!

I’m doing it all the old way… my whole project and way of thinking are based on that!

If I type in {{subscriber_user.identity}} all works fine… it is just that the user interface is only inserting {{identity}}.

found the issue - will be fixed in the next update. Prefix will be inserted on pick indeed.

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This has been fixed in Wappler 3.7.2

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