Server Action not store temp changes if change tab without saving

Sometimes, when I’m editing a Server Action Library API and I made a lot of changes without saving, then in some time and I need to open another Server Action for whatever be the case, the existing server action open in new tab, but when I return in the firts server action that I not saved, boom, all changes dissapear. The tab was never close it. The tab is always open in tabs section, was a simple clic in existing server action to open it and then return to last server action opened.

This happened a few times and now I have to save every change with the fear that changes not storing.

Sorry, I don’t know how it really work but, look like something with temp data storing during editing, maybe it lose linking when tab changes. Maybe something with the fact that if a open a server action without editing nothing, and then open another server action this not open in a new tab, it replace the existing tab to not filled the tabs section with a lot of tabs.