Server Action Condition Then & Else Not In Sequence

Wappler Version : 2.4.2
Operating System : W10

Expected behavior

Condition step in server action should show THEN first and ELSE after that.

Actual behavior

When adding the step, THEN & ELSE appear in order.
But, after saving or adding more steps, it randomly reverses this order to show ELSE first and THEN after it.

How to reproduce

Try adding a condition step. Add some steps to then/else section or just in then. Save and change server connects/refresh to see the reversed sections.
There are no exact steps to reproduce this & this bug has been here since ages, just couldn’t get around to post it.

Its really really annoying while working on big server actions. This makes it very difficult to keep track - some conditions show then & else, while some show else & then.
Please fix this. :pray: :grin:


Been reported before Sid but still remains, and yes I agree, very irritating; I have entered code in the wrong place on several occasions before due to this before realising they had reversed.

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Any update on this. It’s really annoying when I have several conditions and they’re all out of whack.

Agreed, when working in a visual editor, one innately relies on position of elements.

Same here…
Even tried to reverse it in the code (which used to work if I remember well) but the editor still switches it when displaying in the last version of Wappler.

Thank you for your help !

EDIT : Fixing the code + reloading the action step + making a modification in step editor seems to reverse everything back to normal. Not sure If I made a typo fixing the code. Anyway, it works like expected now !

Please, please, please!
Fix this bug!!!

You’ll make a lot of Wapplers happier.


This is a bit funny, but if you put something in both steps just before saving a newly created CONDITION, it will not reverse.
Maybe try to add even a comment in ELSE just to put something there.
I don’t know if it works on your end, but it works from my end.
Even so, it is still a bug I guess.

Yes, i put a comment into each leg immediately for that reason, not 100% but does improve things

Fixed in Wappler 2.6.0


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