Serious suggestion

Hey community,

This is a suggestion for the Wappler team. I’ve noticed people discussing the cost of this platform and it really seems to me that Wappler should be offering a free trial. I get that the platform is super powerful and robust, but there are a lot of people who are being deterred by just the price. It’s a shame because Wappler is very impressive. Just my two cents and this will probably be ignored, but this is a real suggestion from weeks of observations. As someone who is into the no code/low code revolution who happens not to code, the price is an issue for me also. In addition, the videos here need to get better. They’re not where they need to be. That isn’t meant as any sort of disrespect or insult, its meant out of love because I really want to see this platform get far more popular and be far more accessible, but, as it stands…I really don’t know. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Hope someone with sway is listening. If someone does and wants to reach out. Feel free too. I check my inbox here.

Best of luck!

Update: a kind user pointed out that you guys already offer that, which I had forgotten. Sorry about that! Still, I think it should be a longer trial or you should consider actually a freemium model. The reason for that is that coding for people who aren’t coders is pretty intimidating. You gotta understand that cost + the fear factor is too high of a barrier for most people. I great and practical way of lowering that barrier is simply making a certain number of your features free to use. You could also just test that approach to see how people respond.

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They already offer a full week of all features trial?

I just remembered that they already do!

It is great that they do that but it should really be longer. Again, only my two cents, but I think that a longer trial would not only make the platform more accessible, it would also telegraph more confidence in your own platform which would in turn attract more users. People want to see that you have enough confidence that you know that you will be able to convert users regardless of the trial period.

Most apps offering free trial are well funded companies.
Wappler is bootstrapped.
While I’d prefer they offer a longer trial (they did in fact offer 30 days trial back in 2018 when we had started using) - but I can understand if they want a serious user to pay up €39 for a month of using Wappler. It’s not unfair at all.

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Bootstrapped? Wow. Well I stand corrected then. Even more impressive than I thought.


Another thing to keep in mind is Wappler has no real contracts as such, use for a month and cancel subscription if they like, bot that this takes away from your suggestion of a longer trial, but I am just putting that out there.

The only companies anywhere that offer that kind of contract are telecom companies and that business model is dying out fast because consumers are finally starting not to tolerate them anymore.

It would not be a good idea now to be the first company literally ever to adopt that as a business model outside of the telecom business.

While customers do want subscriptions, its missing the point to think that means they want a “contract”. They don’t want a contract. They want convenience, not restriction. They want the ability to not have to pay a small amount every month to get access to something they enjoy at any time they please. An old fashioned traditional contract, as opposed to the current subscription model, locks in customers. The great thing about a subscription is that its non exclusive and thus does not lock in customers. So, that won’t attract anyone. It will be non existent before the decades out anyway.

The current subscription model works as a business model that creates recurring revenue.

That’s been proven time and time again this decade.

What Wappler needs isn’t to reinvent the business model wheel, its to take heavy advantage of its current resources, dig deep, and remake their how-to videos, posting them to their YouTube channel. I know I said it before here but I’ll say it again because it works and original content of that kind is important.

Just get it over with like ripping off a bandaid. I know content creation can be a painful process, but the dividends can be immense. I’d see if that Adobe Illustrator guru fella is available. That guy has some serious passion for Wappler. See if he’d be interested. He could probably make some great videos.

We are VERY happy with our Subscription. Simple economics. Does it earn more than it costs, is it profitable to maintain, does it do the job…? Etc. Ticks the correct boxes every time for us. Maybe its different as we can remember paying tens of thousands of Euros a year for certain software, be it more CAD orientated, and security suites and tool sets for example. The same rule applied though, thus we continue to apply the same rule, as probably the same for ninety nine percent of companies (all from a company perspective and not Education based or other license/subscription variation perspective).

With regards to trials and the length they should be available for I feel its a difficult compromise to make. Trials are a privilege and free and not always available. So for that we should be grateful. Obviously difficult to take in to account each users knowledge and time to learn a new tool, that’s all very individual. I think users need to research and plan for what they will do with the allocated trial period before initialising the trial itself. At least have some idea, not too grandiose, something basic, or at least prepared. And with some understanding of the technologies, MySQL, and the essentials of application development (data driven dynamic type). Either way putting a limit on a trial is very difficult… But, I believe Wappler has the right balance.


I pay annually rather than monthly so it’s easy to view it as buying some software, then a year later buying the next version of that software… but with the massive advantage of getting updates every week rather than once a year.